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ML Business Ethics (Team Performance Event 2-3 members)


This event allows members to explore the ethical issues that may arise in business as they are given a case study and then asked to provide their own solutions.  The FBLA Code of Ethics is a cornerstone of our organization and this event allows members to develop a deeper understanding of their own ethics.   



Each Middle Level chapter may enter members who are on record in the FBLA-PBL Online Membership System as having paid dues by the officially published deadline for the current school year.


Regional Conference Topic:

John works in Human Resources at a major financial company. He hears a rumor from subordinates about a fellow employee, Daryl, who has been posting negative comments about his customers and the company on Twitter. When John conducts a meeting with Daryl, he claims he does not have a Twitter account. Since the company has no policy on checking social medias, John decides to look up Daryl to find his Twitter account.

Discussion Questions:

  • Is it ethical for John to search for Daryl's Twitter account without his permission? Why or why not?

  • Instead of lying about his Twitter account, what should Daryl have said to put him back on the companies "good graces?"

  • Is it ethical to post work related comments on social media even if it's just to "blow off steam?" Why?

  • If you were John, what would you do?

  • Would you tell the higher ups in the company? Why or why not?  


State Conference Procedure

Members will use the case study below to prepare a 2-3 minute presentation that highlights their recommendations to the questions posed in the case study.  You may bring props and handouts to the presentation (no computers).  Judges will have the opportunity to ask questions to seek clarification on the proposals.



A fellow employee lets you know that he falsified some information on the resume he used to get the job with the employer with whom you now both work. Specifically, he tells you that he added one job to his resume that he never had to make it look like he had more experience in the field than he actually did before he started working at your company.

He has been a model employee who does outstanding work and has been a pleasure for his coworkers. He has performed so well, in fact, that he is now being considered for a management position.

Discussion Questions:

  • From an ethics perspective, are the employees actions on his false resume justified by his good work performance? Why or why not?

  • What would be an appropriate response to this situation and why?


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