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As they say, the energy levels of the workplace start with those who have a leadership role possessing a positive attitude. This is Theresa Agube from Liberty High School. When I first met Theresa, she was just a social butterfly that always had a smile on her face. With her energy, she created a positive and happy environment within the Arizona delegation. Thank you Theresa for leading by example as you put yourself out there and contributed to making a happy environment for FBLA Arizona. Great job Theresa!

- Lana Mohamed


When asked to pick a member who displayed exceptional leadership qualities at the 2017 National Leadership conference, my mind went directly to Duncan Schultz. He first impressed me with his exceptional friendliness towards others and I witnessed it firsthand when he started a conversation with me and was extremely kind the whole time. Besides being nice and charismatic, Duncan went above and beyond at NLC to help Seth Filo while he was campaigning to try and become national president. Duncan put in long hours to help a fellow chapter member out because he believed in his potential and his leadership. Duncan believes that FBLA provides students with opportunity to go into the business world prepared. I know that as Duncan goes into his senior year at Estrella Foothills High School he will inspire, believe in, and support future members and always greet them with a warm smile ready to spark a conversation. Thank you for being a wonderful example of how to build better members Duncan!

-  Ariana Cleavenger


Since meeting Christopher he continuously showed a genuine interest for FBLA. Throughout this year's National Conference, I noticed that he was eager to learn more about the organization and was ecstatic to fully experience his first National Conference. He had a positive attitude the entire week and always showed the motivation to want to learn more. After getting to know him, I was able to learn more about his dedication to FBLA and why he loves this organization as he knows about the abundant opportunities that FBLA can provide. Christopher Weddigen is going to be a Junior at Centennial High School, and it is an honor to choose him for my BBM.

- Sheccid Flores


When I first met Owen we began talking because we share similar views on the vegan diet. After discussing the values of FBLA, I found that he valued leadership and education. Additionally, I and other state officers, noticed that Owen stood out as a leader among his chapter. At the end of the National Leadership Conference I gave him the BBM pin and acknowledged him for demonstrating the FBLA core values

- Milana Marshall


Hallie Shupe is a graduate of Pima High School. This year at NLC, I was privileged to see Hallie not only communicate with her chapter, but with her state and the rest of FBLA! She truly has a passion for and is very dedicated to FBLA and very thing she participates in.  I wish her the best of luck in all her journeys, and I am confident she will continue to excel in all she does. Thank you Hallie for building better membership through your FBLA experience.

- Camilla Larson


I first met Derek Barlow at this past State Leadership Conference. Derek a member of El Capitan High School showed me what it truly means to be a friend and a leader. He showed immediate kindness toward me upon our first meeting. He demonstrated that he was a driven individual with goals he was passionate about. At the 2017 National Leadership Conference those traits of Derek that made him a great member and leader were amplified as he attended the Institute for Leaders at NLC. I cannot wait to see what he will do this upcoming year in FBLA. Thank you Derek for being an outstanding member!

- Corbin Wright


Bianca Fuentes from Tuscon High was such a great member during NLC! She was eager and an overall amazing person to interact with. From talking on the bus, I was able to get a update of her chapters work and their new chapter officers. Thank you Bianca for being an awesome member!

- Eric Daniels


James May was a new face when I attended the National Leadership Conference as a state officer this year. He quickly figured out that I was a state officer and he had a number of questions for me. I appreciated his interest in what being a state officer is like so I decided to get to know him a little better. He has been studying honors and AP classes throughout his high school career, which I thought was very impressive. He has been in FBLA for two years so I appreciate his commitment to our organization thus far. He is going to be a Sophomore in high school, so I cannot wait to see what his potential can do for him in FBLA. Overall, he is a well rounded student, doing advanced class, 3 sports a year, and he is very committed to FBLA.

- Brenden Stires



First impressions, as we all know, are critical.  Vivian Clarke from Sunnyslope High School really stood out to me when she introduced herself to me at the 2017 National Leadership Conference in Anaheim with a glow of enthusiasm.  Vivian’s networking skills, both on social media and in person, will serve her well in life.  Her vivacious personality is welcoming and her dedication to FBLA is evident through her competitive event: Business Financial Plan.  With her ability to reach out and Link into Business with members and advisers alike, I am sure that she will go far.  I can’t wait to see all that Vivian accomplishes in FBLA!

- Galadriel Coury


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